visual programming system
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falsycat fba6d51901 Merge pull request 'feat/171-env-shared' (#172) from feat/171-env-shared into main 2 days ago
cmake create new project 3 months ago
core assume that life of all containers are managed by shared_ptr 2 days ago
iface support various constructors of concrete types in SimpleContainer 2 days ago
thirdparty add new thirdparty lib, opengl 2 weeks ago
.gitignore create new project 3 months ago
CMakeLists.txt enable ctest feature 2 months ago
Dockerfile add gcc-13 as dependency in dev environment and add aliases 2 months ago
docker-compose.yml fix docker-compose.yml to enter a container as a normal user 2 months ago remove iface prefix in namespace from iface library 2 months ago